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Felony charges are prosecuted more severely than misdemeanors and can count towards California's Three Strike's Law. Under the Three Strikes Law, if you have two previous strikes against you and you commit a new misdemeanor shoplifting offense, these could be upgraded to a felony, forcing you to serve a 25-year to life sentence. There is a lot at stake in felonies, so make sure that you understand what you are up against by speaking with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Santa Barbara at Appel & Morse.

Examples of charges that are commonly classified as felonies include:

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If you are convicted of a felony offense, you will face imprisonment in state prison, or in some instances, capital punishment. Felony convictions can also result in the loss of your professional license, the loss of your right to own firearms, the inability to hold office or serve as a juror, and can result in loss of employment as well.

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