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Grant Given to CHP to Fight DUIS & WEEDUIS


Starting October 1st, California Highway Patrol began their 12-month campaign to decrease the amount of people driving while impaired in Santa Barbara. This campaign was launched a month before the November elections, where California is set to vote on whether or not recreational use of marijuana should be legal. Many safety and law enforcement officials are concerned that residents will mistakenly believe they are legally allowed to drive while high if marijuana is legalized in California.

The grant gives the CHP funds to authorize over 1,600 hours of overtime. CHP plans to target highways 101, 126, 33, 34, 118, 150, 232 and Pacific Coast Highway 1. Their efforts will also include roads that are under the jurisdiction of the CHP.

“With a proactive approach to raising awareness and eliminating driving under the influence, we can continue to reduce the number of collisions occurring in Ventura County,” said Captain Terry Roberts of CHP. “This grant will help remove drivers before they kill or severely injure themselves or others.”

In California in 2014, 34% of all fatalities on the road were alcohol related. If you are planning to drink this weekend, plan to drink responsibly. Police are planning to strictly enforce highways in Ventura County so make sure you plan a sober right home.

  • Designate a sober driver
  • Download a ride share app like Lyft or Uber
  • Save the number of a cab in your phone
  • Ask a friend to pick you up after the party

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