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Theft Crimes

Santa Barbara Theft Crime Attorney

What is at stake with a theft crime conviction?

Charged with a theft crime in Santa Barbara, California? The penalties you will face can vary depending on the specific crime. Theft crime convictions in general can be severe. Even though most of these convictions can be expunged, they will surface on employee background checks.

Theft crimes can affect your career and future job opportunities because individuals convicted of theft will normally be denied professional licenses or certifications (such as a contractor's license, nursing license or real estate license). Furthermore, you can face immigration consequences for a theft crime conviction.

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Common Theft Charges

Examples of common theft charges include:

  • Auto burglary: breaking into a locked vehicle with the purpose of stealing it.
  • Burglary: entering a structure with the intent of committing a felony or theft inside.
  • Carjacking: The robbery of a vehicle with the use of force or fear.
  • Embezzlement: wrongfully stealing or misappropriating property entrusted to you by a rightful owner.
  • Grand theft: the stealing of property valued at more than $950.
  • Grand theft auto: the stealing of an auto valued at more than $950.
  • Grand theft of a firearm: the theft of a firearm valued at more than $950.
  • Petty theft: the stealing of property valued up to $950.
  • Receiving stolen property: the purchasing or receiving of property that he/she knows (or should know) is stolen.
  • Robbery: using violence, force or a threat to take property from someone's possession.

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Some of these charges can count towards California's Three Strikes Law. If your charges are added to the Three Strikes Law, then additional offense will carry extreme penalties and sentencing. In addition, your immigration status could be jeopardized if you are convicted of a theft crime.

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