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H-1B Visas

H-1B Visas & Extensions

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An H-1B visa enables foreign professionals to find work in the United States, only for a temporary basis. The job you wish to apply for needs to be a “specialty occupation,” such as an engineer, professor, architect, scientist, researcher, accountant, or medical professional.

An H-1B visa is typically issued for a certain period of validity based on the approved H-1B petition for a maximum of three years. However, the visa is subject to extension for an additional three years. Once the visa expires after the sixth year, the H-1B physician needs to either leave the U.S., acquire an extension or apply for a different visa.

If you are interested in filing for an H-1B visa or if you are approaching the six-year limit of your H-1B eligibility, it’s imperative to seek representation from an experienced legal representation from our Santa Barbara immigration attorney. Our firm is dedicated to helping you obtain an extension, so you can continue providing healthcare in the United States.

Strategies For A Physician Approaching The Six-Year Eligibility Limit

If a labor certification application or immigrant petition has been pending for one year or more at the time the immigrant physician’s six-year limit is set to expire, your employer or future prospective employer is capable of filing for a one-year extension of H-1B status until the labor certification application or immigrant petition is rejected or accepted.

Another strategy for physicians who are approaching their eligibility limit is to acquire another non-immigrant status, including E-1, 0-1 or TN. If you are looking to adjust your status to legal permanent resident, you may file an adjustment application for an extraordinary ability EB-1/NIW or NIW/HPSA.

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