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Identity Theft

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Understanding CA identity theft laws

A 2014 survey reported over 1.5 million California residents reported falling victim to identity theft. With the majority of the planet’s inhabitants connected to the internet, identity theft numbers have skyrocketed. If you were accused of identity theft, you need to take these charges seriously, as you could face heavy fines and long jail or prison sentences. Contacting a skilled Santa Barbara criminal defense lawyer from Appel & Morse can ensure your rights are properly defended.

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How The Law Defines Identity Theft

If you have been charged with identity theft, you should understand how California law defines it. The basic definition of identity theft is obtaining another person’s identifying information for fraudulent purposes.

There are four distinct categories of identity theft punishable under California law:

  1. Unauthorized use of another person’s identifying information (PII)
  2. Possession of another person’s PII
  3. Sale, transfer or conveyance of another’s PII for fraudulent purposes
  4. Knowingly selling, transferring or conveying PII for unauthorized use.

What Could Be Considered Pii?

There are various types of personal identifying information someone could fraudulently collect, possess or use for fraudulent purposes.

  • Legal Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License
  • Government ID’s
  • Birthday
  • Location of Birth
  • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Credit Card Information
  • Bank Account Information


Sentencing for identity theft depends on your criminal history, extend of financial damage, and any other coinciding, relevant factors to your case. Depending these factors you could face either felony or misdemeanor charges. In California, those charged with identify theft face up to $10,000 in fines, a year in jail, and/or be required to be pay restitution to their victim.

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