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DUI Chemical Tests

DUI Tests in Southern California

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If you were recently arrested for a DUI in Ventura County, our Santa Barbara DUI lawyers at Appel & Morse are committed to protecting your rights, reputation, and freedom. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we have been proudly defending the rights of the accused on the Central Coast and are fully equipped to provide you with the aggressive advocacy that you need.

What is Implied Consent?

California’s “implied consent” law requires all drivers lawfully arrested for a DUI to submit to a chemical test to determine your BAC or the amount of drugs in the person’s system. Under this law, you have no right to refuse a DUI breath or blood test once you are lawfully arrested for DUI.

The following are the additional penalties that will accompany a DUI conviction if you refuse to take a DUI chemical test:

Number of previous DUIs in the past 10 yearsAdditional jail time for refusing a chemical testLicenses suspension/revocation for chemical test refusal
048 extra hours in jailOne year license suspension
196 extra hours in jailTwo-year license revocation
210 extra days in jailThree-year license revocation
3 or more18 extra days in jailThree-year license revocation

Keep in mind, the implied consent law doesn’t require drivers to submit to a chemical test prior to a lawful arrest. Only drivers who are under 21 years of age or currently on DUI probation are required to take a pre-arrest chemical test.

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Common DUI defenses that our Santa Barbara criminal defense attorneys may be able to use to fight the penalties for refusing to take a DUI breath or blood test include an unlawful arrest, the officer didn’t inform you of the consequences of refusing a chemical test, and your refusal resulted from an injury. We understand how unreliable these tests can be, so just because you failed the test, does not mean you are guilty of the crime. Do not hesitate to let us help you obtain the most favorable results possible from your case today.

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