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Prescription Drug Crimes

Prescription Drug Crimes in Santa Barbara, CA

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Prescription drug abuse and addiction is now a significant epidemic in the United States. Although many states are attempting to address this issue through drug rehabilitation treatments as opposed to criminal prosecution, convictions for this type of drug crime in California can lead to severe penalties.

If you have been accused of a prescription drug crime, our Santa Barbara criminal defense attorneys at Appel & Morse can aggressively fight these charges on your behalf. With more than 40 years of experience, we can assess your case, determine all of your available legal options, and help you obtain the most favorable outcome. Let us help you avoid serving harsh penalties from conviction today.

Types of Prescription Drug Crimes & Penalties

According to California law, prescription drugs are considered controlled substances. This means in order to possess this medication, you need to have a valid prescription from a certified health care provider.

Illegal possession of prescribed medication is a misdemeanor offense, punishable by a county jail sentence of up to one year and a maximum fine of $1,000. However, if you have a prior conviction for a serious felony or a sex crime, unlawful possession is a felony, which carries a maximum prison sentence of three years.

Illegal possession of prescription drugs with an intent to sell is a felony, punishable by a prison sentence of up to four years and a maximum fine of $2,000. Furthermore, the act of selling prescribed medicine carries a maximum prison sentence of five years, or nine years if you cross at least two county lines.

Prescription drug fraud is also associated with harsh penalties. For example, forging a prescription and possessing a counterfeit prescription pad are felonies, which result in a maximum prison sentence of three years. Doctors can be charged with a felony for prescribing drugs to those who are addicts or not under their treatment.

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