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Aggravated DUI

Santa Barbara Aggravated DUI Lawyer

What You Can Expect from an Aggravating DUI Charge

In the state of California, a DUI can result in hefty penalties, but if mitigating factors are involved, the charge can be increased to that of “aggravated DUI.” When you are being prosecuted for your alleged offense, judges will often weight these factors and charge you accordingly.

If prosecution has determined that your DUI is actually an aggravated DUI, you should not hesitate to contact our Santa Barbara DUI lawyer today. At Appel & Morse, our team of attorneys has over 40 years of experience - including experience as former prosecutors! We are passionate about pursuing the best possible outcome on behalf of each of our clients.

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What Are “Mitigating Factors?”

If aggravating factors are present with your case, the court is less likely to offer a lenient sentence. Though no two DUIs are the same, M.A.D.D. and other lobbying groups have caused such aggravating factors to be built into the law to better regulate sentences. Some of the common aggravating factors are:

California, as well as some other states, also considers the level of the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC). A BAC above .15% is a potential aggravating factor.

Additional Punishments

With an aggravated DUI charge, additional punishments are typically invoked. This can include an extension of the regular punishments, as well as:

  • CalTrans work
  • Community service
  • AA meetings
  • Alcohol programs

Judges and prosecutors in different counties will handle aggravating circumstances in different ways. In most cases, however, these aggravating circumstances must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. That is why you need a DUI defense attorney who understands how the judges work in Santa Barbara.

Seek Our Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer’s Advice

If you need assistance handling your DUI case, our Santa Barbara aggravated DUI lawyers have the experience you can trust. Contact us today if you have been arrested, regardless of the unique circumstances involved. Our criminal defense team can take the time to understand you and your circumstances and work to build a case that effectively defends your rights!

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