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ICE Visits: Know Your Rights


As an immigrant, you are likely in a tense state of mind considering the current political climate. The thought of an ICE visit may even strike fear into you and your family’s hearts. This is why it is vital you are well aware of your rights, so you can be sure you are not taken advantage of, abused, or incriminated in any way. Our legal team of Appel & Morse seeks to offer you the proper guidance and advice so you are well-aware of how to handle these otherwise frightening situations.

If ICE knocks on your door, keep the door closed. Do not allow them to enter unless they have a warrant signed by a judge, and you may ask them what they are there for either through the screen or window. An administrative warrant of removal does not constitute a warrant signed by a judge, which can be slipped under your door.

While opening the door does not provide the agents with permission to enter, it is altogether safer. You have the right to request an interpreter if there is a language barrier. If they force entry, don’t resist—instead, you may tell them, “I do not consent your entry. I exercise my right to remain silent, as does everyone in my residence.” Your immediate course of action should be to speak with a Santa Barbara immigration attorney.

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All immigrants would do well to enlist in the help of dedicated Santa Barbara immigration attorneys they can trust, such as ours at Appel & Morse. Our legal team will hold no expense in protecting your rights during this incredibly challenging time. Allow us to advocate on your behalf until your case is resolved.

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