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How DUI Can Negatively Impact Education


While a DUI charge or conviction can harm your employment opportunities, they can also negatively affect your education. Unfortunately, young adults who are either applying to colleges or currently enrolled in them are typically not aware of the lifelong consequences of drunk driving.

Applying for College

When it comes to college applications, a school can simply deny your application based on your criminal record. They may have a policy against admitting any student who has been convicted of a crime.

There are some schools that will still consider you for admission but will factor the DUI into their decision. For instance, they may have another prospective student with a similar academic standing but doesn’t have a criminal record. In this case, that person can be chosen over you.

If you apply for a community college or technical schools, these institutions often don’t take DUIs into consideration.

Already Enrolled in College

Many colleges have a policy that students arrested for or charged with a criminal offense while enrolled is required to report the incident to the school within a certain time, or otherwise face suspension or expulsion. A conviction may result in immediate expulsion in some schools.

If you are receiving financial aid or scholarship funds, a DUI can have a negative impact. In regard to those with felony DUI convictions, many federal programs will not grant financial aid and private scholarships will not award funds.

If you are part of an athletic program, a DUI can result in being suspended from a number of games or kicked out of the team.

Indirect Consequences

If your university does not punish you for a DUI conviction, the penalties may still indirectly impact your attendance and grades. For example, if you are required to serve time in jail, being behind bars will prevent you from attending your classes, resulting in your grades dropping. If you lose your driving privileges, relying on public transportation can cause you to become constantly tardy, affecting your grades.

Let Our Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer Help You

A DUI conviction will only harm your future. If you are a college student and facing a DUI charge in Santa Barbara, our experienced legal team at Appel & Morse is ready to protect your rights and freedom. We understand that mistakes happen and we will do our best to ensure that this error in judgment doesn’t negatively affect the rest of your life.

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