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The Benefits of Having a Former Prosecutor as Your Lawyer


The credentials of a prospective criminal defense lawyer to handle your case is important. One of the best qualifications is being a former prosecutor. Representing the government, a prosecutor brings criminal charges to a defendant for alleged violations of law. Prosecutors must prove a defendant is guilty by presenting evidence.

The following are several benefits of having a former prosecutor as your criminal defense attorney:

  • Extensive litigation experience – Did you know that most cases do not make it to trial. Most lawyers spend most of their time in practice negotiating plea deals, rather than going up again a judge or jury to fight for their clients An experienced prosecutor has spent much of his or her career litigating cases in court.
  • Can negotiate better plea deals – A criminal defense attorney who has worked with a prosecution may also negotiate better plea bargains, as he or she knows how far the D.A. may be pushed. A former prosecutor can use his or her knowledge of the other side to be more effective and successful at negotiating on your behalf.
  • Experience with local courts – An experienced prosecutor will have tried a number of cases in local court, and will typically develop close relationships with various courtroom personnel, such as the judge, bailiff, and other courtroom staff. A former prosecutor often understands the biases of a particular judge and how that judge has typically ruled in previous cases similar to yours.

At Appel & Morse, both of our Santa Barbara criminal defense lawyers are former deputy district attorneys who have prosecuted all types of cases, ranging from misdemeanors to DUI and felonies. Since our legal team possesses a comprehensive understanding of both sides of the courtroom, we can often anticipate how the prosecution will approach your case.

If you have been arrested in Southern California, contact us and schedule a free criminal consultation today.

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