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Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer


Immigration law in the United States contains many complexities that can make it difficult for the average person to navigate on their own. Additionally, the current administration has made the immigration process even more complicated.

For these reasons, it is critical to have a skilled immigration attorney with a comprehensive understanding of the legal system to guide you through the process. The reason, where you’re coming from, and your current situation are all factors that a lawyer will consider when evaluating your case and determine all of your available legal options in order to get the best results.

The following are several reasons why you may need an immigration lawyer:

  • You do not understand the immigration system – As we mentioned in the beginning, the immigration process can be perplexing enough to prevent you from grasping a firm understanding. If you are unsure of your legal options, an immigration attorney can help you make the most favorable decisions.
  • If previous applications were denied – There are many reasons why your application was denied. A lawyer can determine the issues in your application and potentially remedy the situation.
  • If you are facing deportation – A lawyer can help you avoid deportation by building a strong case on your behalf. Without an attorney, your life will be controlled by the courts. If you’ve been deported, keep in mind that doesn’t mean you are forever barred from immigrating to the United States.
  • If you have been charged or convicted of a crime – An attorney understands how criminal and immigration laws overlap. While there are several crimes that can result in deportation, failing to properly address the charges can lead to removal anyway.
  • If you are experiencing delays – Delays in the immigration system are far too common, whether it was created by the courts or by you. A lawyer can help streamline the process by forcing the courts to take action or help you find a faster way to find a solution to your problem.
  • If you are an employer who wishes to hire immigrant workers – While some employers provide green cards to their foreign-born workers, they sometimes fail to take care of their paperwork. That is why an attorney can take care of all of the documentation.

If you are interested in hiring an immigration attorney, contact Appel & Morse and speak with our experienced legal team today.

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