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Racial Profiling & DUI stops

It Started with the Traffic Stops Statistics Act of 1997

Driving under the influence (DUI) is strictly prohibited under California law, and this zero-tolerance policy has positive intent behind it: safety for all. However, there are many times when a driver is pulled over for reasons much deeper than unsafe driving or suspicion of DUI. The Traffic Stops Statistics Act of 1997 was the nation’s first response to racial profiling. This legislation, passed unanimously by the US House of Representatives, instigated widespread response across the country. Although the bill didn’t reach the Senate at the time, it set the standard in multiple states for police conduct when engaging in traffic stops with people of color (POC).

Now Let’s Examine the End Racial Profiling Act (ERPA)

In 2017, the End Racial Profiling Act was reintroduced to eliminate racial, religious, and other discriminatory profiling by law enforcement. The bill reached the Senate in 2019 and is currently awaiting approval, but in the meantime, your team at Appel & Morse is wasting no time defending your civil rights. If you believe you were pulled over without probable cause, specifically on the suspicion of racial profiling, and was later charged for driving under the influence, our supportive attorneys are ready to tackle your unlawful circumstance with a motion to suppress.

How We Can Help

Our dedicated team of advocates will approach your case with top-tier skill and tireless care. We will:

  • Attend the DMV hearing on your behalf to fight for your driving privileges
  • Study the arresting officer’s background
  • Reanalyze blood samples
  • Examine a breathalyzer
  • Subpoena and cross-examine arresting officers
  • Scrutinize and question every detail of your case to secure the best possible outcome

We take your case seriously and understand that no one should ever experience racial profiling. Our lawyers are compassionate people who fiercely support our clients and maintain a premium reputation for applying insider knowledge to achieve the best results we can.

We also manage:

Do not maneuver through the complex justice system without first seeking our personalized legal solutions and supportive assistance.

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