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The Most Common Crimes During the Holidays


From Thanksgiving and Christmas to Hannukah and New Year’s Day, the holiday season is almost here. Many people throughout the country celebrate this time of year by attending holiday parties, spending time with friends and family near and far, buying and exchanging gifts, and traveling. However, there is a significant increase in certain crimes during the next couple of months. 

The most common crimes committed during the holidays include: 

  • DUI – Many festive gatherings during the season consist of drinking alcohol, which is why there are plenty of drunk driving accidents, injuries, and fatalities. On long holiday weekends, police departments will increase the number of officers patrolling the streets and set up more sobriety checkpoints to arrest suspected drunk drivers. If you plan on drinking at an event, do not get behind the wheel at all costs. Instead, reach out to a sober friend or family member to pick you up or request a ride from Uber or Lyft. 

  • Theft – The financial pressures and stress of the holidays can lead to an increase in shoplifting. Since stores are overcrowded and staff are overwhelmed, many people believe that it is easier to get away with theft. Additionally, stealing gifts or merchandise from the inside of another person’s car or stealing packages from the front doors or porches of another person’s home are other forms of theft during the holidays. Please, if you cannot afford to buy gifts for your loved ones, simply spend time with them instead 

  • Domestic violence – When family and friends come together, old issues may arise. Being around loved ones for too long can lead to conflict and even domestic violence. Unfortunately, not only does a domestic violence offense lead to a mandatory arrest in California, but it can also result in being subject to a restraining order. 

  • Identity theft – Since many of us will do our online shopping, it is possible that our personal information can be obtained by hackers. Furthermore, if you notice any deals that could be too good to be true, you may have encountered internet scams. Be careful about providing any sensitive information. 

  • Home burglary – Whether you are hitting the road or flying to a far destination for the holidays, your home will be unoccupied for days or even weeks. Since many homeowners and their families travel during the holidays, burglaries often occur. However, many homes are equipped with modern security systems and video cameras. Neighbors may also keep an eye out for any suspicious activity while the homeowners are away. 

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