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What Happens if You’re Arrested on the Weekend in California?

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While the last thing that’s probably on the mind of someone who has just been arrested is whether it’s the weekend or not, there are important differences to being arrested on a weekday or on a weekend that everyone should know.

What to Expect if You’re Arrested Over the Weekend in California

If you’re arrested on the weekend, the timeline for your arrest could be drastically different than it would be if you were arrested on a weekday. Here’s what you can expect if you’re arrested over the weekend in California:

  • Booking – Following your arrest, you will likely be taken to jail. You could sit in a holding cell until you’re booked, fingerprinted, and entered into the system.
  • Bail – If your bail is set, you may be given the opportunity to contact a bail bondsman. If you aren’t bailed out, you will remain in custody until your court appearance.
  • Court Appearance – When you’re brought to court, you will find out what charges you’re facing, whether your bail is decreasing or increasing, and if you’re going to be released on your own recognizance.

The main difference between getting arrested on a weekday or the weekend is the timing of the above events. On weekdays, the prosecutor has 48 hours to file charges against you. On the weekend, they have 72 hours (doesn’t include Sunday) to bring charges against you. So, if you’re arrested on a Friday night and don’t make bail, you could be in custody until early the next week.

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