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What Is Pretrial Supervised Release?

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After a person has been arrested but before their trial begins is known as the pretrial period. During this time, the person facing charges may either be detained until the trial begins or released on pretrial supervision. As you can probably guess, pretrial supervision is almost always the preferred option of those facing charges. However, they are not the ones who get to make that decision.

Whether a defendant is released on pretrial supervision depends on the results of an investigation conducted by a pretrial services officer and what the judge decides after reviewing the investigation’s findings. The judge will make a ruling regarding whether to grant a defendant a pretrial supervised release during the defendant’s detention hearing.

What Is a Detention Hearing?

During a detention hearing, the judge decides whether to continue a defendant’s detainment until their trial or to grant the defendant a pretrial supervised release. If the defendant is granted a pretrial supervised release, they will be assigned a pretrial services officer who will:

  • Make sure the defendant attends all required court hearings
  • Ensure the defendant doesn’t pose a danger to other people or the community
  • Make sure the defendant meets all the conditions of their release

If the charges against the defendant are dropped or the defendant’s trial results in a not guilty verdict, then pretrial supervision is ended. If the defendant pleads guilty, or the defendant’s trial results in a guilty verdict, their assigned pretrial services officer will continue supervising them until they begin serving their sentence.

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