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What if I’m Charged with Kidnapping in California?

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If you've been charged with kidnapping in California, you may be wondering what to expect. Kidnapping is a severe offense and one that is taken incredibly seriously in California. If you are charged with kidnapping in this state, the ramifications can be far-reaching—including possibly serving life in prison—so it is important to understand your legal rights and obligations when facing such a serious and life-altering charge.

With the proper help and the right plan, you have an opportunity to reduce your charges or even have them dismissed entirely, so make sure you explore all of your options before facing court proceedings. This blog post will provide an overview of kidnapping charges in California as well as viable criminal defense strategies.

What Are the Criminal Defense Strategies for Kidnapping Charges in California?

If you have been accused of kidnapping in California, it is imperative that you understand the possible defense options available to you. While the details of each case are unique, there are certain actions and strategies your attorney may be able to pursue that could potentially get your charges dropped or the penalties against you significantly reduced.

Some of the possible defenses for kidnapping charges include:

  • Mistakes in identity or lack of intent to kidnap – If you took someone with the reasonable belief that they were cooperating voluntarily, this could be a valid defense.
  • Self-defense – If your actions were taken with the intention of protecting yourself or someone else from harm, this could work as a defense.

Regardless of your circumstances, it is critical to understand all of your options and the criminal defenses strategies available to you. That’s why it is crucial that you find an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help you form a strong case.

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