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Will I Lose My License if Convicted of a DUI & For How Long?


In addition to serving jail time and paying expensive fines, a DUI often results in license suspension. The following are frequently asked questions that relate to losing your license due to a DUI arrest.

What happens to my license after a DUI arrest?

Law enforcement will seize your license if you are arrested for DUI with a BAC over the legal limit or after you have refused to submit to BAC chemical testing. After confiscating your license, the arresting officer will issue you a citation and a pink form that acts as both a temporary license and a suspension notice.

How long will I lose my license?

The period of suspension will vary depending on the circumstances of your arrest. However, if you have refused to submit to BAC chemical testing, the DMV will pursue suspending your license for up to one year for the first refusal.

Can I fight my DUI arrest-related suspension?

Yes, you can. You are eligible to request a review of the driver’s license suspension by the DMV within ten days following your arrest. At a formal review, the hearing officer will administer oaths, listen to witness testimonies, and take your testimony. You must understand that doing so will result in the delay of the imposition of the suspension until a decision is made. In effect, the proceedings will extend your temporary driving privilege for another one or two months and may result in complete restoration of your driving privileges with the help of an attorney.

How long will I lose my license if convicted of DUI?

If you are convicted of driving under the influence in California, your driver’s license will be suspended for at least four months.

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