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Charged with DUI on Halloween?


According to the statistics from the National Highway Safety Administration, during Halloween, 43 percent of all fatal car crashes involve a drunk driver. If you were recently arrested for DUI over Halloween weekend, you could face serious charges and it is imperative you contact a Santa Barbara DUI attorney to represent you.

In October, the Ventura police department was given a grant to allow for increased efforts at DUI prevention. If you were arrested for DUI over Halloween weekend, you will have to attend a DMV hearing where you have the opportunity to regain your driving privileges. Working with an experienced DUI attorney is critical during this hearing because your future driving privileges rest on the evidence presented to the judge during the hearing.

Penalties You Face

If there was no injuries or death caused by your DUI, the following are the minimum terms for a first DUI conviction in California.

  • 48-hour sentence of jail time or a 90-day license restriction where you are only permitted to drive to and from work or school
  • If your BAC was below 0.20 percent, you could be required to attend a $500 3 month alcohol treatment program If your BAC was above 0.20 percent, you could be sentenced to attend a mandatory 9-month alcohol treatment program. You must complete these programs to be permitted to drive again
  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • Up to $2,600 penalty assessments
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device

At Appel & Morse your success is our success, our legal team has a proven track-record of defending the rights of those facing DUI charges. Contact our offices today to speak with our Santa Barbara DUI lawyers.

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