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USCIS Will Send Email Notifications to H-2A Petitioners


USCIS began notifying H-2A visa approvals for agricultural workers who file Form 1-129. In addition, pre-paid mailers are given to H-2A petitioners who are required to send request for evidence (RFE).

Email Notifications to H-2A Petitioners

Part 1 of Form I-129 asks H-2A petitioners for their e-mail address, while Form G-28 request e-mails from the attorney or representative of the petition. USCIS will send approval notifications through those e-mails. There is no service charge included.

Pre-Paid Mailers for Requests for Evidence

Two pre-paid mailers will be given to H-2A petitioners to make the process of delivering the final notice faster and to respond to RFE requests. However, USCIS will not longer notices through pre-paid mailers because e-mails are more efficient.

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